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Monday Funday

20% off All Flower + Spin-the-Wheel for Bonus Loyalty Points!

Twisted Tuesday

20% off All Pre-Rolls & 15% off Smokey Point Brands

Wax Wednesday

25% off Extracts, Vape Cartridges, & Infused Pre-Rolls + 3x BONUS LOYALTY POINTS!

Topshelf Thursday

20% off Premium Flower Brands, 25% off Accessories & 25% off for Veterans


20% off all Phat Panda Products & Brands + 420 Bonus Loyalty Points!


25% off Extracts, Vape Cartridges, & Infused Pre-Rolls

Stock-Up Sunday

25% off Edibles and Topicals & 15% off Ounces & Pre-Roll Multipacks
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