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Part of the enjoyment of cannabis is the options and possibilities for including it in your daily routines. Having the right cannabis accessories from The Green Nugget in Pullman or Spokane means you have the ability to enjoy your favorite cannabis or CBD products at any time.

There are different options in cannabis accessories available at The Green Nugget. Two of our most popular products are the AiroPro rechargeable vaporizer and the AiroPro battery. We also have a dab tool, which offers a great look and a convenient option to enjoy your favorite dab concentrate. Made of metal, this dab tool will last a lifetime of use.

The Popular AiroPro

As our top seller, the AiroPro Slate is a discrete but distinguished looking vaporizer. The matte slate color is perfect for both men and women, and the unique geometric design makes the vaporizer easier to hold and use.

Unlike some vaporizers that have complicated lights and buttons, the AiroPro is streamlined and uses haptic feedback to let you know if the battery is running low. As you draw in on the vaporizer, you will feel a slight vibration of the device, with one pulse letting you know there is 30% battery remaining, two pulses mean 20%, and three pulses mean 10% of the battery is left.

This is a fully rechargeable vaporizer that uses a micro-USB connection for easy charging, even on the go. We also offer the white AiroPro battery, so we have everything you need in cutting-edge cannabis accessories. All AiroPro cartridges work with this device.

If you have any questions about cannabis accessories at The Green Nugget, drop by our Pullman or Spokane dispensary locations or call the team at 509-309-2130.

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