The Best Pre Rolls In Pullman and Spokane

If you’re shopping for pre rolls in Spokane or Pullman, you’ll find what you’re looking for at The Green Nugget.

We have a wide selection of infused pre rolls, infused blunts, and the best blunts and pre rolls in the area. We have packs of our regular and infused prerolls and blunts.

What makes our pre rolls the Best Pre Rolls

We have a wide selection of Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and CBD pre rolls and blunts. The Green Nugget sources all of its THC and CBD products from reputable pre roll manufacturers and distributors including Phat Panda and Canna Organix. We verify the quality and freshness of all products before we put them on our shelves!

The Benefit of Choosing Pre Rolls

Pre rolls are a great option for people in and around the Spokane or Pullman area. All you need is a lighter and you’re ready to go. Shopping with us means getting the choice of buying a pack of pre rolls or an individual pre roll. This means you can stock up on pre rolls you know you like, and also buy individual pre rolls if you’re looking to try something new.

Pre rolls are the perfect point of introduction for people who are new to cannabis or CBD. They are consistently rolled, resulting in a supreme smoke. Pre rolls can also be painted or infused, which boosts the flavor and benefits of the pre roll. Most importantly, they’re infinitely more convenient than rolling your own blunt, and the convenience means you’ll know exactly what to expect from every smoke sesh.

In addition to the convenience of use, individually packaged pre rolls are also easy to travel with and offer a fresher smoking experience for those who may only smoke occasionally.

To learn more about the best pre rolls on the market, contact the team at Green Nugget at 509-309-2130 or drop by our dispensary in Spokane or Pullman!

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