Are You Looking for the Best Edibles in the Spokane and Pullman, WA Area?

Edibles are a great way for users to experience cannabis. It takes longer to feel the effects, but they are a very effective smoke-free way of finding your high. The Green Nugget works with the industry’s most trustworthy brands and distributors to bring you the best edibles in Spokane, WA and Pullman, WA. We have the largest selection of gummies, drinks, mints, candies, and other edibles from reputable industry leaders, including Ceres and WYLD.

Discover an Exciting Range of Edibles for Your Everyday Life

Cannabis is all about new experiences and relaxation. When you shop with the green nugget, you get access to the largest selection of high-quality edibles in Spokane and Pullman, WA. We stock a variety of THC drinks, including lemonades and sodas, and a variety of gummies and chocolates for you to try. We sell edibles in flavors you’re already familiar with, like fruit punch and blueberry, but we also have some options you’ll only find at the Green Nugget, like Craft Elixer’s Bourbon Scotch chews. We stock familiar favorites and new brands we know you’ll love after you get to know them. We also keep a variety of flavors to suit your unique tastes.

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Try something new with the best edibles in Spokane and Pullman, WA, from The Green Nugget. Save even more with our daily deals to grab a bargain. To learn more about our range of products or for more information, call us today at (509) 309-2130.

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